Due to the worsening infection situation of the new coronavirus, the art event scheduled in France has been canceled. Paris has locked down again and at last, fotofever was canceled either.

Unfortunately, our first exhibition could not be able to happen this year. We are still worried about the situation next year, but we would like to positively prepare again while praying for recovery.

We have a big view of overseas, but galerie lieu lieu will shift the focus between Japan and online toward the beginning of next year.

  • Searching for new forms of publishing activities such as catalogs (offline) and development on the web (online)
  • Creating a “connection” between domestic artists.
  • Research for an overseas presentation
  • Strengthening the management activities of artists

In particular, we are considering the development of the web, the conversion of real space to VR, and the introduction of that technology. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in not only Japanese artists but also suggestions and collaborations for galleries that want to actively incorporate online exhibitions.