ex-“nico exposition” (2016-2018) . we are changing from our project name. aiming the next stage.

This is an exhibition of Asian photographers based in Tokyo, Japan

exposition de photographies à Paris par des photographes asiatiques basés à Tokyo.

We are coming back to same gallery as these years. Galerie Planète Rouge at paris

From 13th to 17th November. Open 11am – 20pm
Vernissage will be on 13th 19pm to about 21pm

Galerie Planète Rouge
25 rue Duvivier,
75007 Paris


– 宇野 好美 Yoshimi Uno
– 岩本 イツ子 Itsuko Iwamoto
– 安部マサヒロ Masahiro Abe
– 萩原 賢一郎 Kenichiro Hagiwara
– ケビンヤン Kevin Yang
– 髙橋 こうた Kouta Takahashi
– 本多 俊一 Shunichi Honda
– Aki
– 石野 弘晃 Hiroaki Ishino

5 signifie “go” en japonais et “go” signifie aller en français
Alors ceci est
nos photos vont à paris

5 stands for “go” in Japanese, and “go” means to go in French
so, this is
our photos goes to paris

you can see some of our past exhibition at instagram